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Bachelor of Design - Interior Design, Styling & Practice
Overview Interior


Interior Design is the art of adding life to four walls indoor and outdoor. Every element that occupies space is conceptualised in terms of patterns, themes, styles, and layout.

A well-thought design of space will facilitate its functionality. Such structures serve the purpose they’re built for. The four year B Design Interior Design, Styling and Practice undergraduate degree offered by Dr D.Y. Patil University (DPU) shall equip students with experimental, aesthetic, smart, and sustainable design approaches to shape square feet into space as per its requirements.

At DPU, students will be encouraged to learn the basics, ideate and draft plans, and get hands-on execution for a range of residential and commercial spaces. The program will introduce them briefly to various traditional and contemporary design styles and their significance in today’s design practices.

The curriculum has been developed extensively in accordance with the evolving industry demands. The session plan focuses on 360-degree holistic development by guiding students to become skilled individuals, develop corporate attitudes, and start their careers as professionals in different domains of Interior Design.

About B Design Interior Design, Styling and Practice

The Specialisation in Interior Design, Styling and Practice enriches students with the knowledge to conceptualise and plan interiors for a wide range of human requirements. The students focus on developing interior and exterior environments based on functional structures and spatial relationships. Learners will comprehend the factors to make a space more practical and visually appealing, components such as furniture, seats, cabinets, lights, paintings and so on.

A team of highly experienced professors emphasise on the importance of understanding industrial materials and procedures involved in the development and production of industrial units throughout the program. In the Specialisation of Interior Design, Styling and Practice, students will demonstrate their abilities through strategically planned workshops where they will work with a variety of materials and equipment under the supervision of the subject matter experts.

Students will be equipped with essential software skills that are in line with current industry trends to design and develop plans. To help aspirants apprehend human necessities, theoretical and practical sessions, site visits, case studies, and interactions with artisans shall be organised occasionally throughout the duration of the course. This will allow them to create more structural designs for the residential, commercial, corporate, and hospitality sectors.


The basic eligibility criteria for admission in Bachelor in Design is 10+2 with minimum 45% of marks in any stream.

Course Highlights

  • Design, plan, draft, and execute layouts according to the purpose of space by using appropriate furniture, accessories, equipment, and finished materials.
  • Understand the difference between residential and commercial interior design.
  • To help students get clarity on the fundamentals of interior designing.
  • Learn applications of the field which include Modular Furniture, Furniture Design, Space Planning, Interior Styling and Practice, Set Design, etc.
  • Thorough knowledge on traditional yet contemporary practices, concepts, strategies, and tools.
  • Make a space functional and comfortable as per its use.
  • To enhance modern design solutions, examine interiors, architecture, decorative objects, and artworks with respect to historical and cultural contexts.
  • Access to physical and digital infrastructure - hardware equipment, library, computer lab, etc.
  • The ability to develop plans using CAD/AutoCAD while building blueprints of the projects assigned.
  • 100% Placement Assistance.

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Scope of Career

As a Professional

Interior Designer
Interior Designer
Spatial Designer
Spatial Designer
Set Designer
Set Designer
Modular Space Designer
Modular Space Designer
Studio Designer
Studio Designer
Visual Merchandiser
Visual Merchandiser
Project Managers
Project Managers

Areas of Career

Residential Interior Spaces
Residential Interior Spaces
Commercial Interior Spaces
Commercial Interior Spaces
Corporate Interior Spaces
Corporate Interior Spaces
Hospital Spaces
Hospital/Healthcare Spaces
Hospitality Centers
Hospitality Centres


The 4-year undergraduate program with a Specialisation in Interior Design, Styling and Practice equips students with the knowledge of creating and planning spaces for diverse human requirements.

Students will learn to ideate, create, and execute layouts of plans as per different space requirements. By acquiring mastery over the principles of design and standard practices through the profound session plan, learners will be able to shape their careers from aspirants to professionals.

Summary Interior


The standard duration of the B.Des. courses is 4 years.

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  2. Submit required documents.
  3. Pay the fees.
  4. Please refer Admission Process page for more details.

Yes, there is an accommodation facility in the institution. However, the Admin department can give you suitable references to accommodation facilities near the campus as well. Visit website for more: https://dypatilschoolofdesign.com/

Yes, the University provides scholarships. Contact the Admin department for eligibility criteria and apply for the same.

With our strong professional network, the University offers 100% placement assistance.

The Design School of Dr. D. Y. Patil University currently has no refund policy. However, the policies are subject to change. For more information, kindly contact the Admin department.

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